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Date of last revision: October 31, 2019

This document sets out the Terms of Services under which NETCROHOSTING C.A . offers its service; and the one that every customer must accept before hiring any of their products.

This is a company dedicated to providing Domains, Web Hosting, Corporate E-Mail, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificate, Colocation and Reseller; where your entire organization focuses on customer satisfaction, providing professional assistance tailored to the measure and needs of the user; and that is why, all present and future services must be subject to the rules, terms and conditions described in this document. The user accepts to have read, understood and agree without any restriction all the terms and conditions that the company exposes in the following document.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . It undertakes to comply with the following terms:

1. Communication, Notifications and Payment Reminders

1.1. The Company will send your notifications, communications and payment reminders

Messages via ticket

Via email

1.2. It is the client's responsibility to keep all their contact information updated in our system in order to properly receive the Communications, Notifications and Payment Reminders. The company also recommends using emails and contact numbers that are constantly reviewed.

1.3. The company is not responsible for any email that fails to reach its recipient and will assume as delivered any mail that is dispatched from our servers. If for some reason our server cannot deliver the message, the company will not be responsible. It will be the client's responsibility to keep in mind the expiration dates of the services.

1.4. The client understands and accepts that in the event that he loses the authorized registered contact information or decides to change it, the client agrees to communicate the change to NETCROHOSTING C.A . with technical support within a maximum period of 72 hours so that communication between both parties is not interrupted and does not lose the administration of its services. The company has a service system available to the client where they can check the dates of their payments and the expiration dates of their services at any time in our web portal, entering the customer area, with their e-mail and password , registered and authorized.

1.5. NETCROHOSTING C.A . is committed to providing Technical Support with the following tools:

Messages via ticket

Via email

Via Phone

Other media linked to the Company.

Note: To provide support:

Through MSN only during business hours (08 a.m.-6 p.m.)

Through the purchase of tickets after 24 hours.

Through email after 24 hours.

Through via Phone only during office hours (08 a.m.-6 p.m.)

As for the plans for game servers, it does not have any support.

2. Customer Regulations

2.1. Illegal use of the product

Our services can only be used for legal purposes, it being understood that any type of conduct or activity that may be classified as illegal according to international rules and what governs the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will be prohibited, and will be exclusive responsibility of the client any responsibility attributable to him as well as the application of legal and contractual sanctions to which it may take place.

2.2. The previous prohibitions include, among other activities, the following:

Perform, promote or allow the publication or transmission of any type of information or illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, offensive, pornographic, indecent, profane, or information or in some other unpleasant way, including without limitation no transmissions that constitute or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, will give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violates any law.

Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Internet or the services contracted by third parties with the company.

2.3. NETCROHOSTING C.A . reserves the right to evaluate and qualify any situation or action that may be considered abuse, as well as make the relevant decisions and sanctions in this regard, including the partial or final termination of the services contracted by the client.

2.4. The customer is responsible for:

The content hosted in the space provided by the hosting service / plan.

Of the errors produced by Internet access providers (ISP).

From contamination by viruses or malware, and protection on your local computers.

Of the internal configuration of your network, proxy, local firewall, office, access policies, security systems, blocking and unblocking of ports.

The correct use, assignment and protection of administrative access data.

The vulnerability of the design of your website hosted in our services.

The security of the forms used on your website, programmed with the appropriate security to prevent them from being used by third parties to send SPAM.

Look out the data transfer and space statistics of your Hosting and mail accounts in order to take the necessary actions if you consider that your increase is excessive .

Manually make periodic backup copies of the account and download them locally during the service period.

Defective configuration by the customer of the Hosting service, domain and email accounts.

2.5. Use Of Server Resources

Users CANNOT EXECUTE the following on our servers:

Run any process (s) that requires more than 8Mb of memory, more than 30 seconds of the CPU, or use more than 5% of all System resources available at any time.

Run any type of interactive real-time chats that require server resources. Hosting services are remotely allowed completely.

Run some stand-alone, server-side process. This includes any and all demons, such as IRCD.

Run any software that links to an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.

Also as a user it must be accepted that the databases must be used only for the NETCROHOSTING.C.A web servers. and no outside access will be granted.

2.6. Serious violations

The following points refer to the activities that the company considers as serious violations. Any indication of their realization will entitle NETCROHOSTING C.A . to proceed with the cancellation or suspension of the service without prior notice and without being obliged to reimburse any value paid by the client.

Serious violations of the service by the client are considered:

Send unsolicited mail, Spam.

The use of servers for sending mass mail is not allowed, only 150 emails per hour per hosting account are allowed for normal use of a company or person and not to send newsletters or newsletters.

Launch a denial (s) of the service of our server (s) against any other server or any other type of equipment or system.

Procure or perform a successful or unsuccessful exploiting of any of the server services, try to have access as a super user, all this including Exploits, Trojans and others assimilated.

Promote, disseminate or carry out any type of action aimed at deteriorating the image of the company or any of its employees.

Access any kind of content (s) that are outside the resources that the company has assigned to the client. For example outside your root directory.

Improper treatment, threats of any kind or any offense against any of the employees of NETCROHOSTING C.A . It will be sufficient reason for the immediate termination of services.

Use the websites, emails and / or content hosted to offer financial services such as loans, investments, currency or currency exchange, money orders, credits, accounts savings, debit accounts, investment plans or funds, savings plans, fundraising, investment monitoring, insurance, stock and / or securities market, financial activities of employee funds, associative forms of the solidarity sector. In order to use our services for these financial purposes, the client must acquire the service, attach the required documentation and support the existence and surveillance of territorial entities; with which the client must notify and send prior to the activation of the service. The client understands and accepts that the supplied media and purchase order information is subject to review, verification and communication to the corresponding regulatory, control and security legal entities.

Voluntarily or unintentionally causing damage to servers that may affect the service of other clients hosted on the same server.

The Company reserves the right to require changes or to disable the website, account, mail service, database, or any other component that does not conform to the policies indicated in this point without prior notice .

2.7. Mass emails and / or unauthenticated messages

NETCROHOSTING C.A It has strict rules about sending mass emails and / or unauthenticated messages , for the welfare of our customers and to prevent the server from being reported as a SPAM server . All mass or unauthenticated email shipments are prohibited. This includes:

Sending newsletters (subscriptions, congratulations, etc.).

Sending mass mail and / or mail merge.

Sending unsolicited emails.

Sending unexpected emails.

Sending emails that can be marked as unwanted.

Sending advertising.

Sending messages to emails not obtained directly by the customer (eg, database purchase, listings found, etc.).

Sending several messages to non-existent emails.

Include unsecured or low reputation external content in messages.

Access the email account from a low reputation IP address.

Emails sent to lists with more than 30 recipients or E-Mail merge.

Make scheduled shipments of notifications that exceed 50 shipments in one hour (Transactional, automatic, massive, normal E-Mail, printers, scanner, incident reports, notifications, reminders, self records, etc.).

Make from an email account more than 150 messages, or connect to the account from more than 10 hosts or send more than 50 messages with the main account ( web or scripts) within 2 hours.

Sending emails through scripts, forms, files or binaries, which do not contain captcha protection, automatic registration protection, and do not have authentication information of an email account to send. (It is recommended to use libraries that allow authentication such as phpmailer or the correctly configured Wordpress or Joomla CMS, because the PHP E-Mail function does not allow authentication).

Sending messages with the original sender modified.

Sending messages that do not comply with the SPF verification of the domains, the client understands that said registry must be configured correctly in the domain and DNS servers.

3. Compensation

The client agrees to use the services of NETCROHOSTING C.A . under its responsibility. NETCROHOSTING.C.A disclaims any responsibility for any loss of data or any other commercial damage, direct or as a result of unexpected incidents. The client accepts that he will compensate NETCROHOSTING C.A. in case of lawsuits or any legal activity against NETCROHOSTING C.A , which may incur lost expenses or any other type of expenses for part of the company, including legal expenses incurred by it, The client agrees to defend, indemnify and declare innocent NETCROHOSTING C.A. in the following responsibilities:

Any damage caused to a person or property caused by any product sold or in any way distributed in connection with the services of NETCROHOSTING C.A .

Any material provided by customers that infringes or drives away infringement towards third parties.

Copyright infringement or any regulatory regulation aimed at the protection of copyright, industrial property, intellectual property, among others.

The distribution of products and / or rendering of unauthorized defective services sold and / or rendered on behalf of NETCROHOSTING.C.A

The company exempts itself from any type of direct or indirect responsibility towards third parties derived from behaviors carried out by the client for illegal purposes both in its action and in its result

The company will have full autonomy to investigate and determine if the execution of any activity by the client is directly framed or by connectivity to any of the restrictions discussed in this point.

NETCROHOSTING.C.A will be the only judge to determine if these policies are violated.

4. Product Warranty

The client understands that the product warranty is only applicable for the first 30 days of the first year of Hosting and Corporate E-Mail plans. The reintegrated value corresponds to the value of only the Hosting and Corporate E-Mail plan, but not the domain, nor any additional service acquired along with the Hosting or Corporate E-Mail plan. The cost of amounts generated by the purchase transaction (Example: national bank commission) and reimbursement are borne by the customer. If the acquisition of the Hosting or Corporate Mail plan includes any prize, bonus, additional service included or the possibility of participating for a prize, you will lose them. Once the client provides the complete information via email and confirmation of the same to make the refund, the refund is made within the next five (5) business days.

5. Expiration, suspension, late renewal and cancellation of the service

NETCROHOSTING C.A . reserves the right to refuse the initial service request or to deny the continuity of service provision as provided. The company will have the power to deny access to all or part of the service without prior notice if it is considered that the client has incurred in the conduct of conduct or activities that NETCROHOSTING C.A . believes that they directly or indirectly violate any of the terms and conditions in this agreement. The client authorizes the company to carry out activities to supervise the services electronically, as well as to disclose any type of information only when required by law or a competent authority. The company will proceed to the withdrawal or censorship of any kind of information or material that may be considered unacceptable, undesirable, or that result in violation of any of the terms of this agreement.

5.1. Suspension

The following shall be considered as grounds for suspension of service in addition to those mentioned throughout this agreement:

Do not proceed with full payment of the contracted service values before the service expiration date.

Failure to verify the total payment of the values of the service contracted no later than two (2) days following the expiration of the quota or the end of duration of the service or the expiration of the invoice and subject to the conditions established for each service selected by the customer; NETCROHOSTING C.A . You can determine if you will delete or cancel the service from the third (3) day without leaving any copy of the information. The client will have the possibility to request only from the first to the third day after the expiration of the accommodation, the backup of your website, or files that are in your Hosting account. The client understands that the delivered file has a necessary configuration and requirements that cannot be modified in order to be restored. In any case, it is the client's knowledge that the information contained in canceled accounts will be permanently deleted by the company at the date of cancellation of the service.

The suspension of the service implies that the client will not be able to use any NETCROHOSTING.C.A service.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . reserves the right to display a suspension page that will replace that of the client. This page may include, but is not limited to: advertising, any type of information and logos of NETCROHOSTING C.A . and / or its suppliers.

5.2. Late Renewal

The client understands that by paying late renewal of their services, the date applied for the renewal of the same is the expiration date of the service and not the date on which the payment was made (regardless of the operation or not possibility of access presented by the service). Except for only expired domains that are available again, they will be re-registered if possible with the payment date made.

Expired and subsequently renewed domains and payments notified by the client from the first day of expiration until the tenth day after their expiration will take to reactivate between 24 and 48 hours due to the propagation required by the domain of their DNS servers, The client understands that during such propagation their services may not be available and that said propagation time is not controlled by NETCROHOSTING C.A. . So the customer must wait for the completion of it.

5.3. Expiration

The client liberate to NETCROHOSTING C.A . of any responsibility or obligation on services whose validity has ended. The tolerance of NETCROHOSTING C.A . to maintain an active service once its duration has ended, or the possibility of renewing a service once it has expired is three (3) business days.

The client has the possibility to notify the company of any complications that may arise regarding the non-cancellation of the product or service, in a maximum period of ten (10) days prior to the expiration date of the product or service , understood as complications, the next:

Problems with transfers, bank deposits, or payments by other platforms.

It should be noted that this exception only applies to those clients who have a minimum of seniority with the company of three (3) months and, also, it is understood for both parties that it will only be considered as an emergency measure for a fortuitous event that is presented to the customer, and not as a normal payment behavior.

5.4. Cancellation request

The client has the power to cancel his product or service at any time he wishes, through the creation of a cancellation request which contains a justification for said decision.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . You are released from the right to reimburse any value paid by the customer, after it requests a cancellation of your product.

6. Domains

6.1. Domain Registration

NETCROHOSTING C.A . does not guarantee domain availability until it is registered by NETCROHOSTING C.A . and that the domain registration is notified to the client as successful. If for some reason the client has not received confirmation of the domain registration, they must notify the company by sending the payment receipt and must request confirmation in writing from the NETCROHOSTING.C.A staff. that the payment has been received successfully. If the domain is registered by another company or person before this period, NETCROHOSTING C.A . You will not have any responsibility for this event. The customer agrees not to enter any page other than the NETCROHOSTING.C.A . To check its availability or for any other purpose, the client also undertakes not to disclose his domain name to any company or person before receiving notification that the domain has been registered successfully. If the client has not received the notification of registration of this domain after 72 hours after payment has been made, he must contact NETCROHOSTING C.A . to notify your payment and request domain registration. The client understands and accepts that the domain can be registered with an international domain registration entity.

6.2. Domain Change

Once the domain is chosen, registered and activated, it cannot be modified until the end of its contract period. Any typing error or change of opinion about the requested domain is the responsibility of the client. If the client decides to change the domain that was registered with a new one, the client must register and buy the new desired domain name that is available.

6.3. Domain Expiration

The expiration of the domain will be carried out on the same day of the period contracted by the client, therefore if the client does not want the services associated with the domain to be suspended, he must make the payment, report it and have received confirmation from the NETCROHOSTING C.A. staff. before the expiration date. Our domain provider will make a change of the DNS servers of the domain upon not receiving payment from NETCROHOSTING C.A . before the expiration date.

The client accepts that expired domains cannot be transferred, modified, targeted, or released by NETCROHOSTING C.A .

6.4. Renewal of the Domain after its expiration

NETCROHOSTING C.A . It gives you the possibility of renewing the domain up to 10 days after expiration simply by paying the value of the domain renewal, notifying the company of payment and requesting confirmation of receipt of payment. If after 10 days after the expiration of the domain the client has not renewed the domain then the domain will enter a state called REDEMPTION , this state will have a duration of 30 days. If the domain is in the state of REDEMPTION and the client wishes to renew it, he will have the option to do so by paying a late renewal fee called REDEMPTION FEE , currently this charge has a value of 80 Dollars (.COM / .NET) and the value must be paid in any of the currencies of our web portal making the change through the TRM of the day of the transaction adding the value added tax. After 30 days of the REDEMPTION period, the client will not be able to renew it only until the domain is available, however the client understands that there is a possibility that the domain is acquired by another company or person after that the domain is liberate for registration and NETCROHOSTING C.A. You will not have any responsibility for this event. The customer acknowledges that it is his responsibility to keep his own records and remember when his domain name registration expires. For your convenience, and not as a binding commitment, NETCROHOSTING C.A . notifies you through an e-mail message about the need to renew your service to registered and authorized mail by the client.

6.5. Domain Transfer

The client may transfer his domain to another provider as long as he is at peace and except with the services contracted with the company and the domain has no expiration date in the next 15 days, nor is it expired.

The client authorizes NETCROHOSTING C.A . to request the transfer of a domain from another provider when the order placed from the NETCROHOSTING.C.A website. The client also agrees to provide NETCROHOSTING C.A . in a timely and truthful way, all the information necessary for the domain transfer process and the client understands and accepts that the domain cannot have a different value according to the price indicated by the international domain entity.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . is not responsible for the administration, changes, or domain renewals whose transfer processes from other providers have not been successfully completed and confirmed by NETCROHOSTING C.A . via email.

The client accepts that the transfer of his domain name will be governed by this agreement and by the ICANN transfer policy, available at transfer policy.

6.6. Domain Release

The client understands that NETCROHOSTING C.A . You cannot release or delete the domain registration once it is registered regardless of its status (In validity and active or expired). The cancellation or resignation by the client to the domain service does not imply the release of the same. After the expiration of the domain and non-renewal of the same after 40 to 120 days it is possible that it is released by the international domain registration entity automatically, leaving the domain available, however the client understands that there is a possibility that the domain be acquired by another company, person or processed by a domain registrar after the domain is free for registration and NETCROHOSTING C.A. . You will not have any responsibility for this event and it is the client's responsibility to verify when the domain is available again.

6.7 Domain WHOIS information

The domain will be registered in the name of the customer with the information provided in the purchase order. The WHOIS domain registration information is public and mandatory according to the policies of ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigning Domain Names and Numbers). The client understands that the concealment or privacy of said registration requires the acquisition by the client of the additional Privacy Protect service that has an additional value not included in the value of the domain registration.

6.8. Performance Report

The client will be solely responsible for monitoring their domain, if for any reason the domain has any problem, they must immediately contact the company and request confirmation of receipt of the report. In the event that a timely report is not made, the company will not be responsible for any inconvenience this may cause.

NETCROHOSTING C.A is committed to maintaining the stability of its servers, by constantly monitoring its equipment

7. No guarantee

NETCROHOSTING C.A . does not provide any guarantee that the service will be interrupted, free of error or that any information, software or material accessible in the service is free of viruses or other harmful components, as the customer agrees to know the technological implications generated in this regard and for vulnerabilities of some systems against new developments, updates or technological applications. Under no circumstances will the company be bound in a direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential manner that causes its use or inability to use the service, or for a third party, or to access the Internet or any part thereof, or its (or a third party) inability to access a service or use information, service, or merchandise provided through the service, or that result in error, omission, interruption, file cancellation, error, defect, delay in operation or transmission , or any malfunction.

You understand that putting the information on NETCROHOSTING.C.A servers. This will be available to all Internet users and that the company has no way to limit or restrict access to such information or to protect such information against copyright infringement or any regulatory regulation aimed at copyright protection, industrial property, intellectual property, among others, therefore the client assumes full responsibility and the risk for its use on the servers of NETCROHOSTING C.A. and from the Internet.

The use of the service is at the sole risk of the customer. The company is not responsible for the files and data that reside in your account. The client agrees to take full responsibility for the files and transferred data and maintain all appropriate reservation of the files and data stored on the NETCROHOSTING.C.A servers.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . is not responsible for the loss of information that the client puts on the servers of NETCROHOSTING C.A .

NETCROHOSTING C.A . does not guarantee and is not responsible either for the delivery or receipt of emails, the customer understands that there is a possibility that the emails do not arrive or are not delivered to the recipient for any technical problem of either NETCROHOSTING C.A. or third-party servers. Nor is it responsible if the emails are not received or delivered in any period of time, the customer understands that there is a possibility that the emails will be repressed and therefore late to reach its recipient.

The client accepts that the saturation of the space or characteristics of the contracted service generates problems or unavailability of the service.

The client accepts not to interfere in any way with the operation of the system, including any attempt at unauthorized access.

8. Use of registered information

The client accepts and acknowledges that NETCROHOSTING C.A . will make available the registration information and the required services to ICANN, and / or third parties such as Verisign, Inc. Global Registry Names Ltd., NeuStar, Inc., USA. Afilias, Inc., Global Domains International (collectively, "Register of Administrators"), and how applicable laws may permit or require. In addition, the client acknowledges and accepts that ICANN and Registry Administrators may establish guidelines, limits and / or requirements related to the amount and type of information that NETCROHOSTING C.A . may or should be made available to the public or private entities, and the manner in which such information is available. In addition, you are not authorized to any and all access and use thereof, and the guidelines, limits and restrictions on the disclosure or use of the information provided by you in connection with the registration of a domain (including changes to said domain). information), either during or after the end of your domain registration. On the other hand, the client hereby irrevocably waives any claim and causes of action that may arise or that have arisen from said communication or use of his registration information and Additional Registration Information.

9. Technical Support

9.1. Technical Support for Hosting Plans

NETCROHOSTING C.A . will provide technical support service through our system of requests (tickets), chat, emails and telephone within the office hours stipulated by the company. Technical support, training and / or advice will NOT be provided in person, or any other means other than those stipulated above. The technical support offered is directly related to problems or concerns of a Hosting account or a reseller account. Does not include support for development or review of web applications or web design. Support will only be provided if you can verify that the web application or the web page does not work properly due to a problem on the server.

If the client requires a special library for the operation of his application, he must request it from NETCROHOSTING C.A . and it will be the exclusive decision of the company to implement the library or application requested by the client.

9.2. Technical Support for Virtual Servers (VPS), Colocation and Dedicated Servers

NETCROHOSTING C.A . will provide technical support for virtual servers, colocation and dedicated servers only if they are issues related to server hardware and connectivity. NETCROHOSTING C.A . does not offer as a service included in virtual servers (VPS), colocation and dedicated technical support regarding software.

The client understands and accepts that he is the sole administrator of the server. So it is TOTAL responsibility of the client to maintain the operating system and content in optimal conditions (security, updates, etc.).

The client understands and accepts that the service does not have backup copies included, so we recommend making periodic copies of the important information manually and downloading them to local media. The client must not save the backups on the same server and must always have recent own copies in their facilities (office, home, etc.).

The client understands and accepts that in case of having a Windows type server, he must apply all the security recommendations that he can, and must apply any other security configuration at the operating system level. If the client has no computer security experience, the client understands that he could contract a Server Administration service with NETCROHOSTING C.A .

The client understands and accepts that IP addresses cannot be modified, so he must manage and maintain a correct use of his address and understand the policies of any external provider of emails, web pages or security systems.

The client must monitor the server services and internal applications, and debug any event on it. Additionally, the client must always validate that he has available space and that the server resources are adequate for the processes performed.

10. Customer ID information

The client declares himself as a person legally responsible for all use of this account and the attached services, and that their age is over 18 years. Otherwise, the person interested in obtaining the service will require the consent of their representative to register, and the account will be assigned with the parent or guardian responsible, in their own name. The client undertakes to provide the company with a main email, current and truthful name, postal address and telephone number for our records, and agrees to have an ongoing obligation to keep this information updated in case of changes. Additionally, the client understands and accepts that any request related to the acquired service or customer information can only be managed through the main email registered with the client. If the client does not have access or knowledge of the main mail, the company will perform a validation with the current information registered and in case of not achieving a validation of the same it is necessary that the client perform a total update of information by filling out an update form Attaching the verification documents required by the company for proof of identity if possible.

11. Personal data processing policy

The client accepts and understands the personal data processing policy published in Privacy Policy .

12. Share the space and resale of the account

The client accepts and understands that the account he acquires does so in his own name or of a client in the cases where the client obtains the reseller service. The client undertakes as a reseller, to any form of responsibility derived from the use of the account.

The sale of the space or services of Hosting plans, dedicated servers and virtual servers (does not include reseller plans) is allowed, but it is in the judgment of the reseller client, the realization of technical support to the third parties involved, NETCROHOSTING C.A . will not have any communication with this third party

13. Specific terms and conditions additional to each service

13.1 Domains. Declarations

With the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, the CLIENT acknowledges and declares that: 1) The CLIENT wishes to use one of the means provided by NETCROHOSTING C.A . to register one or more Internet Domains; 2) Each extension or termination of the domains offered by NETCROHOSTING C.A . (.com, .net, .org, .us etc.) is managed by an administrator endorsed by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) (hereinafter, the Administrator); 3) The records of all Domains registered under each extension are stored by the Extension Administrator; 4) As a result of the foregoing, it is the Administrator of each respective extension who defines the policies, conditions and procedures under which the Domains can be registered and administered and this in turn may be subject to restrictions imposed by international or national organizations, government entities, among others; 5) NETCROHOSTING C.A . You may use services of other Service Providers for the registration and administration of Internet domains. 6) The CLIENT accepts that registrations can be made through other Providers and not necessarily by NETCROHOSTING C.A . directly with the Administrators of the extensions of the requested Domains. The CUSTOMER undertakes to comply with the rules and policies of each Administrator regardless of the provider used for domain registration.

13.2. Termination or limitation of the service

The CLIENT Accepts that the registration and right to use any Domain can be canceled, terminated, transferred, limited, suspended or deleted if NETCROHOSTING C.A. or any of its Service Providers, its suppliers , or any governmental entity including but not limited to ICANN, the governments of the countries or the Administrators of the extensions, so determine.

However,if such a situation occurs.

13.3 Integration of ICANN and administrator policies

All policies adopted by ICANN and that are applicable to the different extensions that register or want to administer through NETCROHOSTING.C.A are understood to be integrated into this Contract and accepted by the CLIENT. and to the modifications made to them in the future. The User declares that he has read, understands and accepts the policies of each extension of the Domains offered by NETCROHOSTING C.A . before making any request for registration or administration of the Domains and the modifications made to them in the future. In case of doubts about the policies or not finding them on the sites provided by the respective Administrators of the records, the Owner will contact the Support team the NETCROHOSTING.C.A . to clarify questions or receive additional instructions. However, NETCROHOSTING C.A . will make its best efforts to implement information systems that prevent the violation of the policies of the Administrators without this constituting any obligation or committing to NETCROHOSTING C.A . no way. THE CLIENT accepts that any Domain may be suspended, canceled, deleted, terminated or transferred to ensure compliance with the policies of each Administrator, protect their security, or as a result of the resolution of a dispute.

13.4. Dispute resolution

The CLIENT accepts the terms and conditions of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) adopted by ICANN (available at ICANN policies .) and any changes made to it in the future. It also accepts the procedures for Uniform Rapid Suspension or URS or its replacements. Likewise, it accepts any Dispute Resolution policy adopted by the Administrators of the higher level domains and in particular that of the Administrator of the ccTLD .NL and the modifications that may be made to it. Likewise, the CLIENT welcomes and accepts any process related to the resolution of specific disputes adopted by the Administrators of the records and to the modifications that may be made on said policies, including but not limited to any suspension, cancellation, transfer, deletion process. or limitation of any Domain due to claims for the violation of intellectual property rights or third party rights.

13.5. Publication of CUSTOMER information

The CLIENT gives his express consent and authorization to NETCROHOSTING C.A . and to the Administrators of the registries of the Domains to publish the following information in the WHOIS database and where NETCROHOSTING C.A . and / or the Administrators consider pertinent, as well as for its use and publication by NETCROHOSTING C.A. its Service Providers, Administrators or government entities and authorities, for any purpose that does not violate The Privacy Policy contained in these Terms and Conditions: I) Names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of the CLIENT of the Domains and of the Administrative Contact designated by the same. II) Names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of the Technical Contact designated by the CLIENT. III) The dates associated with the creation, last update and expiration date of the Domains. IV) Any other information provided by the CLIENT or any of the contacts associated with the Domains to NETCROHOSTING C.A . through any means.

13.6. Liberation liability for limitations or denial of registration

Under no circumstances NETCROHOSTING C.A . will be responsible for the inability to complete a domain registration, the suspension, cancellation, deletion, interruption, transfer or non-acceptance of the Domain Administration records or requests by determination of the Administrators, Service Providers or governmental or related entities with the policies of the respective Domains. The CLIENT accepts that neither NETCROHOSTING C.A . neither the Administrators of the extensions under which the Domains register will have any responsibility for the CLIENT's inability to obtain a Domain directly or through the transfer of a third party, or for the actions resulting from any dispute resolution process. Likewise, you accept that the services offered by NETCROHOSTING C.A . they are of medium and not of result and therefore absolve NETCROHOSTING.C.A of any responsibility. and to its Service Providers for the impossibility of registering or administering the Domains, for the possible failures in the information systems, for any eventuality in which NETCROHOSTING C.A . or its Service Providers have or not responsibility, and for any other situation that may harm the CLIENT.

13.7. No guarantee of the legality of the registration or its right to use

The CLIENT Accepts that neither the acceptance of the registration request by NETCROHOSTING C.A. nor even the successful registration or the start of the provision of services by NETCROHOSTING C.A. It can be understood as an indication that NETCROHOSTING C.A. the Domain Administrators or the entities that govern the policies on the Domains have established the legality of the registration or its right of use, or that these they are not violating any applicable law, regulation, policy, procedure, ordinance or decree, or rights of any person. Therefore, neither NETCROHOSTING C.A . Neither the Administrators nor the authorities or governments will have any responsibility for the subsequent cancellation or demand for the processing of the records or the requests for administration thereof.

13.8. Statements about the legality of the content and purpose of the domain

The CLIENT declares and undertakes that neither the registration nor the use of the requested Domain or Domains interferes or infringes the rights of another. Likewise, you declare that the Domain or Domains that you are registering or administering have not been registered for and will not be used for any purpose that is fraudulent, illegitimate or that conflicts with applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, ordinances or decrees. to the use of the Domain, including but not limited to the sending of unsolicited email, phishing, systematic use of malicious programs and / or systems, violation of legitimate Intellectual Property rights and / or trademark rights, or any other abusive practice, and that may be objected by the Administrators of the respective extensions or by any governmental or government entity related to the domain registration. The CLIENT accepts all the responsibility and enforceability that arises or is assigned to the CLIENT of the Domain including, but not limited to users, customers, graduates or other persons who may be using the Domain, a subdomain of the Registered Domain or an associated Website with the registered domain.

13.9. Indemnity

THE CUSTOMER will keep the NETCROHOSTING C.A. free from all responsibility, its Service Providers, the Administrators of the extensions, the government entities or related to the policies of the respective Domains and their affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as their owners, managers, officials, contractors of and against any requirement, damage, responsibility, cost or any type of expense including reasonable legal charges and others (including appeals) that arise of or are related to the registration or administration of any domain including, but not limited to the registration, use, extension, renewal, deletion, transfer and / or violation of terms and conditions that apply to the registration or registrations. Additionally, and with the aim of reducing any possible damage to NETCROHOSTING C.A . or its collaborators, the CLIENT undertakes that it will not make any agreement, conciliation or commitment related to any claim or request without the prior written consent of NETCROHOSTING C.A . and that for such effect, this agreement, conciliation or commitment must continue indefinitely and in any case after the expiration of the term of registration of any Domain. Such consent may not be denied or delayed by NETCROHOSTING C.A . for unjustified reasons.

13.10. Registration Duration

THE CLIENT declares to understand and know that the services provided by NETCROHOSTING C.A . they will have a defined term and that their provision must be renewed using the means provided for it. Therefore, THE CLIENT accepts that in case of non-payment or insufficient payment, late payment for registrations, administration processes or renewals according to the conditions of the means provided by NETCROHOSTING C.A. The Domains may be canceled, deleted, transferred or suspended without the obligation of NETCROHOSTING C.A. . to restore the domains to the Holder. The Domain Owner accepts that the period for which he contracts a domain ends on the day of expiration of the same. Therefore a domain that has expired no longer belongs to it or is entitled to its ownership. NETCROHOSTING C.A . You may have some time to allow Users to renew their domain services, this time being discretionary of NETCROHOSTING C.A . At the moment a domain expires, the Holder accepts and understands that NETCROHOSTING C.A . You can have ownership of it. Under no circumstances will it be NETCROHOSTING C.A . responsible for any modification made to the domains outside its registration period. Additionally NETCROHOSTING C.A . reserves the right to renew the domains and to use the expired domains for the purpose it deems pertinent, including, but not limited to the assignment to another owner and to the assignment of NETCROHOSTING C.A . as domain owner.

THE CLIENT agrees that its registration of the Registered Name will be subject to suspension, cancellation or transfer according to any specification or policy adopted by ICANN, or according to any registrar or registration procedure that is not inconsistent with any specification or policy adopted by ICANN: (1) to correct errors by the Registrar or the Registry Operator, when registering the name or (2) for the resolution of disputes related to the Registered Name.

For domain registration processes, the following information must be provided by the Holder for each of the contacts associated with the domain: Name, Surname, Company, Address, City, State, Country, Postal Code , Phone, email. The following information may be given voluntarily by the holder to facilitate contact and communication with him: Cellular, Fax, Alternative telephone.

13.11. Confirmation of ownership and deactivation of domain registration.

THE CLIENT declares to understand and know that once the domain is registered, you must accept the ownership of the registration by confirming the registration verification email sent to the main email registered in the purchase order, THE CLIENT is also responsible for the fact that the registered of the main email is correctly supplied at the time of the order and that access to his email is enabled and is constantly reviewed to receive the verification message and confirm it. In case of not confirming the domain administrators will disable access to the domain without any prior notification, requiring THE CLIENT to notify NETCROHOSTING C.A . the review to make a change of registered email or forwarded the verification message. THE CLIENT also understands that once the ownership of the domain is confirmed through the verification message and the domain is enabled, the change made may take 24 to 48 hours to take effect.

13.12. Resources used by domain

The CLIENT that uses only the NETCROHOSTING C.A . domain without hosting. understands that the DNS Servers service is provided only for targeting NS domain records. For any other type of targeting NETCROHOSTING C.A . reserves the right to make the request or not.

13.13. Email Marketing Services

The use of the E-mail Marketing service is subject to the following usage policies and anti spam policies. By using our Email Marketing services you agree that you have read and approved these policies.

The client understands that the expiration of the E-mail Marketing service or non-continuous renewal of the service generates loss of the registered and statistical information of the E-mail Marketing without the possibility of recovery, starting the service again blank, equal to the moment it is acquired.

The E-mail Marketing service must be used directly from the client system or the E-mail Marketing system.

13.14. Content of new hosting services

The client understands and accepts that when making a purchase order and acquiring a hosting service (Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Premium Mail, Email Marketing) through our website, said acquired service will be delivered as new (in blank), no information contained (no websites, no emails created, no messages, etc.). The client understands that if he has a previous hosting plan with NETCROHOSTING C.A. When buying a new service, no information will be migrated between the services, the new service will be delivered blank and is the responsibility of the client have a copy of its content and restore it in the new service. In case the client does not want a new blank plan, but maintain and conserve the information of the old plan (if it is still available and the account is not deleted), the client MUST renew his Hosting plan and not acquire a new one service taking into account that the date of service renewal will be applied according to "5.3 Late renewal".

13.15. Features hosting plans.

Each hosting plan has certain published features, such as space and traffic. These features can be modified at any time. The active contracts will be maintained until the expiration of the expiration period, then they can be updated by the company for the next acquisitions by the client.

14. Backup Policy

We are not responsible for supporting Web sites, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, or any type of information that goes from the client.

NOTE: NETCROHOSTING C.A . does not make any type of backup of the client information contained in its services and products. Unless the client acquires the Daily Backup Plan 24 hours a day, monthly.

14.1. Data Recovery - Disaster Recovery Solutions

NETCROHOSTING C.A. offers a recovery alternative in case of technological disasters for all its Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers services; through the Idera V8-82 platform, which backs up customer information in any of its high security data centers.

15. Pricing policy.

NETCROHOSTING C.A . You are free to modify at any time, the price of the products you offer, such as:

Web Hosting Domains

Corporate E-Mail

VPS Hosting (OpenVZ) - (KVM)

Dedicated Servers.

SSL certificates


Applicable for the initial acquisition value as for renewals in any of its aforementioned products.

16. Refund Policy

Refunds are made only in cases where the customer has not received the service contracted in the next 72 hours, after the generation of the purchase tickets.

We will not tolerate any abusive behavior, offensive language or threats against the company or any staff member of NETCROHOSTING C.A . In violation of this policy, we reserve the right to suspend or permanently terminate your account (s) and / or service (s) without notice and without any refund. NETCROHOSTING C.A . It also reserves the right to refuse refunds in cases where NETCROHOSTING C.A . Believes abuse has occurred.

17. Queries, requests and reports at risk centers

THE CLIENT expressly authorizes NETCROHOSTING C.A . to: consult, request, use, report and disseminate all the information that refers to THE CLIENT's credit, financial and commercial behavior to the Risk Centers with whom NETCROHOSTING.C.A has a link. THE CLIENT authorizes that this information can be consulted, requested, used, processed and disclosed, before, during and after the commercial relationship with NETCROHOSTING C.A. In order to evaluate its commercial financial behavior and Credit

18. Recognition of the agreement

This agreement supersedes written, electronic, or oral communication that you may have had with NETCROHOSTING C.A . or any agent or representative of the company. The client also accepts that this agreement may be modified at any time by NETCROHOSTING C.A . The client fully accepts and declares that they are aware of each and every one of the stipulations contained in the document of terms and conditions of our services and that you understand such terms and conditions and agree to be limited by them and accept the rules, policies or agreements published in association with specific services that may be applied by ICANN, enom, Netwoods and both national and international governments that have some relationship with the domain name regulations.

19. Modification of the terms and conditions

The CLIENT accepts that NETCROHOSTING C.A . You can modify, edit, alter these terms and conditions and / or clauses with or without prior notice. You will be sent via email the modification of the new contract.

The client accepts that if for some reason the email did not arrive. In no case is the company responsible for this fact.

The client understands that the NO ACCEPTANCE , these terms and conditions entitle him to NETCROHOSTING C.A . To reserve the right to give and / or provide their services to the client. For more information

Final Note

If you do not agree with these terms, do not hire the services.

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