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This manual and policy will be effective as of November 7, 2019.


In an effort to protect our customers and site visitors NETCROHOSTING C.A. Company has established a Privacy Policy and Treatment of personal data, which stipulates the conditions on which we will process the personal data that we collect from you through the filling of the contact forms, as well as the online chat on our website , or any other physical, voice or message medium (emails, phone calls, contracts or documents of any kind), where you provide additional data. By providing the data, you accept this policy on the way in which NETCROHOSTING C.A. (Hereinafter, the company) will treat your personal information; such treatment will be carried out in compliance with the guidelines of the regulations that regulate, and will be under any modification or deletion as contemplated in this provision. If, after reading this Privacy Policy, you do not agree with the way we treat your data, we ask you not to use our services and request the update, modification or deletion of our database in accordance with the provisions of the Numeral 7 of this document.

This policy is aligned with the country's governing laws, regarding compliance with the privacy notice that must be provided to the owners of personal information by the company, who acts as responsible for the processing of personal data, and which has as an object and is oriented to:

Inform the owners of the information about the policy of processing the personal information of the company, in addition to allowing the owners of the personal data to exercise their right if they wish to know, update, delete and rectify the data found in our bases of data and / or files. This document is in any case aimed at protecting and guaranteeing everything related to the processing of personal data, the freedoms and fundamental rights that all natural or natural persons have.

Communicate to the owner of the personal information the information processing policies that will be applicable to your personal data, the way in which they will be treated, the use that will be given to them and the way in which you will be able to access your personal data.

This policy will be applied in a mandatory way to all personal data registered in physical or digital media that are likely to be treated by the company as responsible for its treatment.

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which the Company NETCROHOSTING C.A.collects, uses, maintains and discloses the information collected from the users of this website.


At the time you provide your personal data, you authorize us to process them, which is understood as a prior, express and informed consent, since you have read this document before providing your data.

The collection of personal data that is done through the contact forms, as well as in the online chat of our website, telephone calls, virtual interview, contracts, forms, or any other document that you provide to the company, It will have the following purposes:


Advise on issues related to the services offered by the company and that have been consulted and / or requested by you.

Have a constant communication about the services provided by the company.

Send you communications regarding the contractual relationship.

Perform administrative and / or accounting procedures related to the contracting of services such as billing, collections and payments.

Notify you for the purpose of giving notice of the term of renewal of the service.

Send service proposals and invitations to company events or their allies, partners or associates.

Perform activities aimed at customer loyalty, including and without limitation communications of discounts, newsletter, gifts, promotions.

Provide technical support service.

Receive and process requests, complaints and claims.

Conduct satisfaction surveys.

Transfer personal data for registration of services before an international entity.


Preparation and conclusion of the contract.

Have constant communication about the services and / or products contracted.

Send communications regarding the execution of the contract.

Perform administrative and / or accounting procedures related to the contractual relationship such as billing, collections and payments.

The processing of personal data may be carried out directly by the company and / or by whom the latter determines, as long as it is done for the purposes set forth herein, for which it will not require additional authorization from you, which you expressly accept By providing your personal data.

NETCROHOSTING C.A guarantees your security, for the privacy of your information and for the respect for your data, within the framework of the limitations that the current Internet allows us, being aware that we are not excluded from fortuitous events such as suffering an attack by hackers or malicious users who exercise computer crime.

You will have the right, free of charge, to know, update, rectify and / or request the deletion of your personal data, through communication that will be received through the channels available for this purpose, which you will find in point 7 of these policies.


Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Art. 28.

Art. 60

In accordance with the provisions of our Magna Carta, everyone has the right to access, modify and / or delete the information or data of themselves; as well as being aware of their use and purpose. Similarly universally, every individual has the right and protection over the protection of his honor, dignity, private life, image and confidentiality.

Therefore the company and those in charge (WORKERS, SUPPLIERS AND CONTRACTORS) must observe and respect these policies in compliance with their functions and / or activities, the corporate guidelines for the treatment and protection of personal data and the other provisions and clauses that are established by the company, even after the termination of legal, commercial, labor or any other type of links. Similarly, they must keep strict confidentiality in relation to the data processed.


In order to provide hosting services for the web page, corporate email service, server rental, data center service, design and programming for web pages, and domain registrations on the internet, private information will be requested. , understood as that information that allows a person to be identified, such as identity card number, names, physical and electronic addresses, telephone numbers, among others.

At no time will the data collected here be subject to sale, or transfer to any title.

The authorization of the Holder will not be necessary in the case of:

Information required by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of its legal functions or by court order.

Data of a public nature.

Medical or health emergency cases.

Data related to the Civil Registry of Persons.

We may also collect information on how users use our website, for example by tracking the number of unique visits received by the pages of the website or the domains from which users enter. Using "cookies" to track how users use our website.

The authorization cannot be revoked, nor can the deletion of the information be requested when the holder has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database.


When you enter a website that uses cookies, you may be asked to complete a form to provide personal information, such as your name, your email address and your interests. This information is included in a cookie and sent to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), which stores the information for later use. The next time you access the same website, your browser will send the cookie to the server. Each time the browser requests a page on the server, the message is sent again.

If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you must delete cookies by configuring your Internet browser.


Our commitment is to ensure the security of your personal data.

Although we have the physical and technological means to ensure your information is adequately secured, we will do everything possible to protect your data, but we cannot guarantee the total security of the data you provide and to which you authorize us to to access. We have our own and third-party servers, recognized data and email storage providers in which the information is stored. Our teams have access restrictions and other measures that reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access or information leakage. In the same way we have legal tools so that our workers, suppliers and contractors are obliged to give the legal treatment to the personal data that the company must disclose in the exercise of the entrusted management or legal duties such as billing, payment, reports and others.

Our web portal may introduce links or "links" to other own websites. If you decide to go to any of the websites linked in our portal, you must take into account that each of these portals or websites has a different privacy policy, so we do not accept any responsibility for the information or personal data that you provide or provide outside our site.

Phishing is the sending of emails that, appearing to come from reliable sources (for example, banking entities), try to obtain confidential data from the user, which are subsequently used to carry out some type of fraud. To do this, they usually include a link that, when clicked, leads to counterfeit web pages. In this way, the user, believing to be in a place of complete trust, enters the requested information that, in reality, will end up at the hands of the scammer. If you receive an email of this type or someone who says work for us asking for your personal, commercial or financial information, please ask us to resend the email where the information was requested to the following address : E-mail:


For consultation, claim and / or request for information, update, rectification and / or deletion of your personal data must be made in writing, by the owner of the personal data using the format of Petitions, Complaints or Claims that you can find in E-mail:

All requests, queries and / or complaints must contain at least:

a) Name and surname of the holder.

b) Identification number of the holder.

c) Location data of the holder (email, telephone, address, city).

d) Description of the request, query or the facts that give rise to the claim.

e) Means by which you wish to receive an answer.

f) Signature of the Petitioner.

g) Attach the documents that you consider relevant to support the request, query and / or claim


Requests, complaints and / or claims in relation to knowing, updating, rectifying and / or deleting the data and / or revoking the authorization, will be handled within a maximum term of fifteen (15) business days from the day following the date of receipt thereof. When it is not possible to respond within the aforementioned term, the owner of the data will be informed, the reasons for the delay and the response deadline will be indicated, which may not exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first finished.

If you find that the request, claim or query presents an error or is incomplete, the holder will be notified, and will have five (5) business days following the date of receipt thereof, to correct the identified shortcomings. After thirty (30) business days from the date of the request without any response from the holder, it will be understood that the claim has been withdrawn.

If the company is not the competent entity to resolve the complaint, it will transfer, within the maximum period of response mentioned here, to the competent entity, who will have the same term to respond, which will start from the date on which Receive the communication of the transfer of the query, claim or request and the interested party or owner will be informed of this situation so that he can follow up accordingly.



Keep the personal data of the owners of the information in their databases, fulfilling the purpose authorized by the owner of the data, performing its greatest efforts to keep information secure, safeguarding its integrity, truthfulness and confidentiality.

Transfer or transmit, all or part of the personal data of the owners of the information, to the Workers, Suppliers or Contractors of the company, solely and exclusively for the purposes and purposes indicated in the authorization for the processing of personal data, in section 2 of this policy and in compliance with legal provisions.


The company reserves the right to modify, rectify, alter, add or delete any point of this document at any time and without notification, when they are the result of the application of a legal standard. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep informed of it for proper administration of their information.

Any changes to this policy will be effective at the time it is published.

In the event that we intend to give a different use or destination to the initial reason for which your personal data were requested, your authorization will be requested through any means in which the record of said communication is included, among which we can name as Example email.

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